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"Hate is the closest thing to love. I don’t want my little dumb things to become things that you hate about me. I don’t want you to hate the fact that I never cleaned my room, even though you said you didn’t mind. I don’t want you to hate how I would kiss you annoyingly and blow into your mouth, even though you said you didn’t mind. I don’t want you to hate how all we did was snuggle and lay in bed, even though you didn’t mind. I don’t want you to hate that fact that you always bought me lunch and dinner, even though you said you didn’t mind that I couldn’t pay you back. I want you to keep our memories happy, I don’t want them to annoy you. I don’t want your love to turn into hate."


"How beautiful would it be to find someone who’s in love with your mind."

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It’s been awhile.
I’m sorry I haven’t even tried to stop by,
But it always crosses my mind.
I guess I was ashamed to show you my
face because the last time you saw it or me I was a boy. I know I disappoint you daily, but knowing you’re disappointed makes me strive to be better. I can only do what’s expected from me, I can’t be everything you wished I could be. I love you so much, it kills me knowing I was taken from you before you were taken from me. I really needed you, we all needed you. You were the vine holding us all together, the day you pasted away was the day our family became like a enemy and the whole world changed for me. You were my sunshine on a cloudy day, my blue bird on my shoulder. You were always waiting for me under the boardwalk with a shoulder for me to lean on when I wasn’t strong. All of these are favorite songs and all I can hear is that sweet tone of your voice when you sang the old Micky D’s song; “Buutabububa,” I love you Nani. Rest peacefully may we have faith in seeing each other soon.


Once upon a December


You guys killed it last night.